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In this article, we will discuss some of the issues involved in birth trauma cases.  Birth trauma claims arise during child delivery. Although injuries may occur during an uncomplicated birth, certain factors increase the likelihood of birth trauma.  Such complications include but are not limited to high-risk conditions such as a contracted pelvis, excessive size fetus, unfavorable fetal presentations, and…Read More

In this article, you will discover: Who is typically held liable in a personal injury claim for hot water burns If you can file a personal injury claim if you were partially at fault for the incident that caused your burns How compensation in a hot water burn injury personal injury case is calculated The importance of seeking legal advice…Read More

In this article, you will discover your rights if you are injured on a railroad, bus, or other common carrier in the State of New Jersey. New Jersey Courts have long imposed a high duty of care towards customers on common carriers. The term “common carrier” is used when discussing railroads and buses as well as taxis and rapid transit.…Read More

Do you have a personal injury claim against a public entity in the State of New Jersey? This includes but is not limited to cities, towns, housing authorities, and state affiliated hospitals such as University Hospital in Newark. Personal injury claims against municipalities and other public entities are strictly limited by the New Jersey Tort Claims Act.  If, for example,…Read More

Have you been injured by a defective or dangerous product? Let's discuss your rights under the New Jersey Product Liability Act and what damages are recoverable. Product liability law in New Jersey is governed by the New Jersey Product Liability Act.  This Act permits claims to be filed in court if you are injured from an unsafe product. The first…Read More

This article will explain some of the common issues involved in a car accident and will help you enforce your rights if you are injured. There are many different categories of automobile accidents. Rear end collisions are the most common types of auto accidents.  For instance, in 2019, about 1.7 million rear-end collisions took place in the United States. Of these…Read More

Wrongful death cases are particularly heartrending for all concerned.  When confronted with the death of a loved one, all other concerns fade and become meaningless. However, if the death of a loved one was caused by the carelessness of another and you seek justice for this death, the law does provide you with civil rights that we can enforce. What…Read More

In this article we will explain your rights if you are injured in an accident caused by a truck.  Truck accidents have unique characteristics, which make them particularly complicated from a legal standpoint. These cases often require expert analysis by trained specialists in trucking standards and practice.  They usually involve much more serious injuries than those found in car accidents.…Read More

Nursing Home Injuries - Preventable and Unavoidable Nursing home injuries can be divided into two distinct categories: Preventable Nursing Home Injuries Unavoidable Nursing Home Injuries Most nursing homes are well run and staffed and are very conscientious.  However, in handling many nursing home cases over the years, we have learned that some nursing homes are not adequately staffed or are…Read More

I am a construction worker and I was hurt on the job.  What are my legal rights? Construction worker accidents are a separate area of the law and have distinct characteristics. A construction worker hurt on the job is entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ compensation allows the worker to be paid a weekly sum while out of…Read More

This article discusses: The basics of when landlords and business owners are liable if you are the victim of a crime; The types of incidents that make a landlord or business owner responsible for an assault When Is A Landlord Or Business Owner Responsible If You Are Assaulted On Their Property? New Jersey law holds that a landlord or business…Read More

This article discusses: The basics of New Jersey liquor liability law; The type of incidents that make the server of alcohol responsible for injury What Is New Jersey’s Liquor Liability Law? In the 1980’s New Jersey enacted the “New Jersey Licensed Alcoholic Beverage Server Fair Liability Act.” It is commonly known as the Dram Shop Act. It provides that licensed…Read More

This article discusses: Understanding New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury Law; Symptoms of traumatic brain injury; How the extent of brain injury is proven in a court of law. Unfortunately, a large number of people suffer blows to the head and brain trauma in car accidents, construction accidents, trucking accidents, falls on snow and ice, and other types of incidents. Getting…Read More

In this article, you will discover: The difference between comparative negligence and contributory negligence. What type of negligence New Jersey law is structured off of. What makes a solid premises liability case. Can I Recover Damages In A New Jersey Premises Liability Claim If I Was Partially To Blame For The Incident That Caused My Injuries? You can recover damages…Read More

This article uncovers: The duty property owners have regarding upkeep of their property. Critical information you should collect after an incident occurs. Damages that you can recover in a premises liability case. What Duty Do Property Owners Have To Visitors? Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises safe for visitors. Beyond this, more specific information is conditional on several…Read More

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