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Construction Worker Injured on the Job What are My Rights?

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I am a construction worker and I was hurt on the job.  What are my legal rights?

Construction worker accidents are a separate area of the law and have distinct characteristics.

  • A construction worker hurt on the job is entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Workers’ compensation allows the worker to be paid a weekly sum while out of work and also pays for medical treatment.
  • The worker is also entitled to a permanent monetary award based upon the severity of the injury. This is all paid by the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company.

In addition to workers’ compensation, the worker may also be entitled to receive compensation by way of a “third-party suit.”

This can be brought, depending on the facts, against:

  • The general contractor on a job
  • The landowner where the accident occurred and /or
  • The developer building the project

As a law firm highly experienced in these types of cases, we examine all evidence including but not limited to the project contracts to determine if one or all of these parties or subcontractors is liable for your injuries.

Some examples of cases we have handled are below. They are for illustration purpose only:

Client #1

Our client was an electrician working on the construction of a new hospital. In order to access the worksite safely, workers had to cross a muddy area that had been filled in with rocks.  Over time, areas of rocks had deteriorated and mud built up.

Our client walked across the rocks, fell due to slippery mud, and sustained a severe shoulder injury.  Our client was permanently disabled because of this accident.

We were able to get weekly construction photos showing the buildup of mud over time and brought suit against the general contractor that was responsible for keeping the workplace safe.
Additionally we were able to achieve a very substantial recovery for our client.

Client #2

Our client was a sheetrock subcontractor who was injured when he fell from scaffolding while spackling the ceiling at the construction site of an Essex County fitness center.

The scaffolding was outfitted with caster wheels which began to roll as our client performed his work. Unfortunately, there was a hole in the floor and our client fell and suffered a serious injury when the leg of the scaffolding hit the hole.

Our office hired an engineer to inspect the construction site.  We were able to achieve a valuable recovery for our client after the engineer documented multiple safety code violations at the site.


The Kronberg Law Firm offers you expertise, experience and personal attention by the principals of the law firm in every case.
It would be an honor to handle your construction site injury case. We will fight to make sure you are properly compensated.
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