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Criminal Activity: Landlords And Business Owners Can Be Liable For Criminal Activity On Their Property

Criminal Activity: Landlords And Business Owners Can Be Liable For Criminal ActivityThis article discusses:

  • The basics of when landlords and business owners are liable if you are the victim of a crime;
  • The types of incidents that make a landlord or business owner responsible for an assault

When Is A Landlord Or Business Owner Responsible If You Are Assaulted On Their Property?

New Jersey law holds that a landlord or business owner can be responsible for the injuries you suffer if you are assaulted on their property if the property or surrounding property has a history of criminal activity. A landlord or business owner has a duty to provide a safe place and must take reasonable steps to try to prevent assaults. Many people are seriously assaulted through no fault of their own in the high crime areas of our state. We have extensive experience in cases where people are assaulted in apartment houses, housing developments, bowling alleys, nightclubs, or stores.

Let’s say you visit a friend who lives in a large housing complex with a history of criminal activity and you are assaulted and suffer serious life-threatening injuries. Our first task is to investigate and find out the extent of security at the housing complex. Are there security cameras plainly visible to visitors? These cameras deter crime and if there are no cameras at the complex it is evidence that the landlord is not devoting proper resources for security. If you are assaulted at night in a very dark area, we have to find out why there was not any high intensity lighting. We also need to determine whether or not private security guards were on patrol. Good lighting and the presence of security guards are indicators that the property owner is taking serious steps to prevent crime. If not present, the landlord may be liable for your injuries.

The bottom line is that if criminal activity on the premises is foreseeable, then the store, restaurant, office, landlord, or property owner has a duty to take steps to protect you from danger. If they fail to take such steps, the law holds them responsible for the damages which result.

What Types Of Incidents Occur And What Type Of Damages Are Recoverable?

Unfortunately, these assaults often involve firearms and knives and lead to terrible injury. If a landlord or business owner has failed to live up to its legal obligations to provide adequate security and you are seriously injured, you should be entitled to money damages for the pain, suffering, disability, and impairment you have already incurred and will incur in the future. If you were employed and can no longer work, your claim will also include your lost wages and future lost wages as well as the costs for your medical care incurred as well as money for your future medical care.

A law called the Statute of Limitations requires that these cases be filed within two years of the incident, but it is essential not to wait. As soon as possible after the crime occurs, you should contact an attorney to conduct an immediate investigation so that evidence does not disappear. If you call us and we take your case, we will exhaust all avenues to recover what you are entitled to.

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