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Injuries From Truck Accidents What are My Rights?

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In this article we will explain your rights if you are injured in an accident caused by a truck.  Truck accidents have unique characteristics, which make them particularly complicated from a legal standpoint.

These cases often require expert analysis by trained specialists in trucking standards and practice.  They usually involve much more serious injuries than those found in car accidents.

Causes Of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are often caused by factors unique to the trucking industry.  Truck drivers are required to only drive a limited number of hours in a day.  Sometimes this requirement is ignored and leads to sleep deprived truck drivers not being able to drive safely which leads to accidents.

In addition, eighteen-wheel trucks and large trucks are required to have a guard at the rear of the trailer to prevent cars from going underneath the trailer.

If a car is struck in the rear by another car and is propelled forward into a truck in front of it, the driver of the struck car can suffer very significant injuries if the truck does not have a properly mounted rear guard which will prevent the car from going underneath the truck and crushing the passenger compartment of the car.

Many drivers have low insurance protection so a lawsuit against the defectively guarded truck is the only way an injured automobile driver or passenger can receive fair compensation for catastrophic injuries in such instances.

Other factors that can cause truck accidents are:

  • Defective brakes
  • Unsafe wide loads
  • Failure to secure freight
  • Broken or defective side mirrors

How to Protect Yourself From Truck Accidents

Drivers must always keep safe distances away from trucks.  Remember, trucks have blind spots where it is difficult for them to observe your car.

Never pass a truck on the right side!  To do so is very unsafe due to truck driver blind spots.

Compensation For Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks generally are well insured but that results in insurance companies often strenuously defending these cases and blaming car drivers or pedestrians for causing these types of accidents.

This means that your lawyer must retain engineers, accident reconstruction experts, human factors experts, and others with specialized credentials to accurately reconstruct accident details.  If this is not done, your chance of losing your case is much more likely.

Our firm has the background and experience with trucking cases and further has the resources to hire the appropriate accident reconstruction experts and others to properly prepare your case so that it can be brought to a successful conclusion.


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