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Highway Accidents In New Jersey

Highway Accidents In New JerseyThe Aftermath Of A Highway Accident

A highway accident can be devastating and turn a person’s life upside down in a second. Between serious injuries, missing work, and mounting medical bills, these high-speed collisions can leave lasting effects long after the roadway has been cleared.

After you have recently been involved in a highway accident, it is crucial that you focus on your health and recovery. Above all, this means obtaining medical treatment for any injuries you might have sustained. Another important step you should take after an accident is to contact an attorney to help you with the claim process.

At Kronberg Law Firm, we have been working with clients and their personal injury cases for decades. We understand the difficulties of managing the legal aftermath of a vehicle accident when you are still recovering. Allow our experienced highway accident attorneys to handle your case so you can get peace of mind and the highway road accident compensation you deserve.

Who Is Responsible For Covering The Costs Of My Injuries After An Accident In New Jersey?

New Jersey is part of a group of “no-fault” insurance states. This means that if you get into an accident, your own insurance company is required to cover your medical bills, no matter who caused the crash.

However, sometimes this coverage is not enough to pay for the extent of your injuries after an accident. What’s more, your insurance company may try to get out of covering these costs.

In either of these cases, it is critical that you reach out to a highway accident attorney as soon as possible. Like with many types of claims, car accident claims must be filed within a certain timeframe, called the “statute of limitations.”

One of the highway accident lawyers at Kronberg Law Firm can ensure that you meet every deadline and legal requirement throughout your accident case. We can also help you understand your legal rights after an accident and check that you are receiving proper compensation under your insurance coverage.

What If My Medical Bills Exceed My Insurance Coverage? Can I File A Lawsuit In A No-Fault State?

If the medical bills you have incurred are higher than your insurance coverage, you have a few options to recover fair highway accident compensation. First, if the other party was at fault in your highway accident, you can file a claim against their insurance.

If this strategy does not provide you with the payments you need, you can file a lawsuit to pursue the coverage you deserve. No matter which option you choose to pursue, it is important to have a capable lawyer by your side to help you with the highway accident claim process.

At Kronberg Law Firm, personal injury claims are what we do every day. Whether you need help filing a claim or figuring out your next steps after a highway accident, our highly-rated lawyers will be happy to guide you through your personal injury journey.

Your Care Comes First At Kronberg Law Firm

At Kronberg Law Firm, located in Union, NJ, we pride ourselves in the personalized attention we provide for each of our clients. Working with our highway accident attorneys means you will receive the utmost care during the highway accident claim process and beyond.

If you need help recovering your highway road accident compensation, our qualified attorneys are ready to assist. To find out more about our services or the vehicle accident laws in New Jersey, contact Kronberg Law Firm. Claim your free initial consultation with us today by calling (973) 204-6573.

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