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Battling Insurance Companies In Your Personal Injury Case

My Loved One Was Seriously Injured. I Intend To Help Him File A Personal Injury Claim In New Jersey. Can I Work With Your Firm On Their Behalf While They Recover?

InsuranceContrary to what you may think, many of our personal injury cases are like this. When people are injured to the point where they contact us, they are often in a position where they have been treated for some time, whether six months, a year, or more, and a loved one helps on their behalf.

We put about 95% of our cases in suit because the insurance companies often show no sign of an attempt at resolving them if we do not. Insurance companies are concerned with their bottom dollar and are not usually interested in compensating people at all. In the rare instances when they are interested, they often offer ten cents on the dollar if you are lucky.

An excellent example of the lengths we went to with one of our clients in this situation should be shared here. We put a considerable amount of pressure on the insurance company, because we had a decent amount of capital we could use to pay expert witnesses in advance. Some lawyers would not have gone to these lengths and instead taken the measly insurance payout off the bat and called it a day. Doing so won our client compensation exponentially higher than he would have otherwise received.

Our client had gone to work and arrived very early in the morning, as was his routine. For some reason, the lights went out where he worked, a nursery – he was a bookkeeper. Since the lights went out, he decided to walk to a nearby donut shop. It was pitch black outside – even the traffic lights were out. As he walked to the donut shop, he crossed a street, and a car hit him out of nowhere. The collision left him severely injured.

The driver who hit him only had a $100,000 insurance policy. Although most drivers in New Jersey only have $15,000 or $25,000, this car having four to six plus times was insufficient to cover our client’s injuries.

Why did the lights go out? The lights went out because a tree fell on the power line a mile away from where he was hurt. Why did the tree fall on the power line? The tree fell on the power line because the electric companies have to trim the trees adjacent to the power lines every few years. They contract with national companies that do this.

In this particular case, we went on to find out and subsequently demonstrate in court that the tree trimming company did not correctly trim the trees. We hired an electrical engineer and a horticultural expert to examine the area where the limb fell off the tree. The expert witnesses said that the trees were not trimmed properly. We spent $50,000 to pay them to prepare the expert reports before going to trial. As a result, we settled with the tree trimming company, securing an excellent settlement.

With the guidance of a skilled attorney for Personal Injury Cases, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we’ll prepare your case properly and spend the money needed to do so. Call Kronberg Law Firm at 973.204.6573 for a free consultation! Our mobile office can come to you.

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